Selector Dub Narcotic with Pine Hill Haints and Hartle Road at Flying Monkey Theatre, March 17

Date: March 17, 2017

Time: 8:00 pm

Three bands in one night! Check out Selector Dub Narcotic, performing his latest, genre smashing release The Party Is Just Getting Started for your listening pleasure. Selector Dub Narcotic, or Calvin Johnson, has worked in underground music culture since he was a teenage fan, volunteering at local community radio station, KAOS-FM. He moved on to writing for fanzines, organizing music and film events, and playing music in various ill-fated bands. He established K, a local-oriented media outlet, in 1982.

What do the Pine Hill Haints not play? Examples of the genres they perform include, but are not limited to: gospel, rockabilly, rock and roll, Celtic music, blues, and bluegrass. Their catalog of songs comprise mainly original materials that capitalize on their self-proclaimed Ghost Music theme. The band has several former members and surprise guest performers may accompany the Haints onstage in an impromptu reunion performance.

Hartle Road sounds like the Muscle Shoals take on the Beatles, nostalgic for pre-disco Bee Gees or post-Don Kirchner Monkees. Check out the newly release EP Lazy//Oh No.

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Flying Monkey Theatre
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