Week 10: Lies, Lumps, and Loons


Week 10: Lies, Lumps, and Loons
In Other Words…The NFL

By Amy Lignor


Rex Ryan had to go home this past Thursday night, back to the ones who fired him. Yes, Rex was not as loud coming into this one as he has been in the past, chances are he was tired of crowing just to end up losing, and he most certainly wanted to win over the Jets. Barely getting that win, 22-17, at least he got it. Did he show them that he was a great coach who they had some NFL, football, week 10, Amy's Angle, lies, lumps, loonsnerve to fire? Not really. The Jets just made some really poor moves in the fourth quarter and no one seems to know why they did it. Biggest headline from this game: The bright red uniforms of the Bills versus the dark green uniforms of the Jets made it impossible for people who are colorblind to tell them apart.


Biggest Game: Brady and company head to the Giants. The Giants demolished their perfect season long ago to win a Super Bowl! But…guys? That was like a million years ago. Welcome to 2015. Will Brady have a knockout season where the number in the loss column remains “0” as he raises the Lombardi trophy in the air? Could be. Experts say no. They don’t want that to happen, it would be boring. But hey, blame Goodell if it does. The guy shouldn’t have made this team angry…too late.


The Broncos beat the Packers. Moving on to this week, the NFL stopped the game when Peyton Manning met a milestone in his career. Huh? The real milestone he’s been making this season is most interceptions thrown by a QB. Peyton…your foot hurts, your ribs hurt, you are 39 and you need to retire.


The Packers have lost two in a row! OMG! What is wrong with Aaron Rodgers? Well, this game made those questions way more serious. They were playing the Lions, who basically do not win games and certainly not at Lambeau Field. In fact, the Lions haven’t won in Green Bay since around the time that Abe Lincoln was voted in as President. Okay…it was only 1991, but it seems that long. They throw a hit on Rodgers that could have hurt the QB for the rest of the season. How does Aaron pay them back? Oh, yeah…TD. They need the 2-point conversion. Can they do it? No. And the hearts break. Wait a second…Green Bay Packers rookie recovers the onside kick giving another chance for Rodgers and company to win. Wait…Packers fans had to watch as the kicker for Green Bay hit it low and way off the mark, allowing the Lions to take the prize. This was the Detroit Lions Super Bowl this season, so they should enjoy it.


The Bears win against the Rams. When did Jay Cutler wake up? Because he’s been doing a heck of a job since he opened his eyes.


The Steelers lost Ben. Actually, no. Yes. No. Anyway, Johnny Manziel was offered the torch once again for the Cleveland Browns and, once again, the torch was blown out. The Steelers win and win big!


UGLY: Everyone was yapping about Dallas’s Dez Bryant going crazy in the locker room and throwing a tirade on the media. It must seem heartbreaking to Dallas fans, seeing as that they are so loyal to their team, that the only media exposure they seem to have gotten this season is all about their players being angry, being jailed, and acting like morons. This week they played the Bucs…a team that has a BETTER record than the Cowboys. What? Again, Romo was hanging his head wondering what the heck was going on when the Bucs did way more than give Dallas a run for their money. Dallas is first in the league for time of possession, yet can’t score at all. The ending of this one couldn’t have been uglier. QB Winston for the Bucs tried to take it up and over the goal line to win the game. Winston drops the ball. Dallas recovers! But…there is a holding penalty against Dallas and just as fast as the hearts of Cowboys fans began to sing, they started to cry…yet again. Next play, Winston basically walks it in for a TD. Cowboys with 54 seconds, no timeouts and, they lose again. This is a seven-game losing streak. They have Tony Romo back on the field next week, but it really is too late. This ugly season is over.


Carolina remains undefeated; not a shock.


The Dolphins and the Eagles…who cares, really? Besides the Cowboys who really need the Eagles to lose. Well, they got their wish…even though they lost as well.


You like that?! You like that?! Yup…the Redskins won against the Saints. Awesome game and a whole lot of fun, the Redskins had a season-high 584-yards in offense, and looked like the Redskins of old.


Bring on Week 11!


Source:  Baret News