Week Eight in the NFL Provides an Epic Shootout


Week Eight in the NFL Provides an Epic Shootout

By Amy Lignor


Thursday night began Week 8 of the NFL season, which means the news must begin with the “Brady” team of Gronk and the rest of the gang from New England. Yet again, Thursday’s game allowed them to show their crust and strength by beating a semi-improved Dolphins team. The Dolphins – a team that scored like crazy in their last two games for their new coach – NFL, week 8, Epic Shootout, Amy's Angleseemed shocked by Brady. Why? Score was 36 to 7. Brady didn’t play up until the end, nor did he have to. This is first time since ‘07 the Patriots begin 7-0.


And, yes, there had to be idiotic news in regards to the Patriots. You can’t seem to get through a week without that. The NFL actually swept the Jets locker room for any “bugs” that could have been planted there by the evil Patriots. As the rolling of the eyes continues, someone needs to tell the NFL and all the teams that are so jealous of these guys, that when these things are done it makes them look stupid. Even if it is hard for people to swallow, the Patriots are a great team and Belichick is not Lord Voldemort. Brady is a great QB – perhaps may end up recognized as the best of them all, so let it go and concentrate on making your own team better. If you don’t, then just hand Brady the Lombardi trophy now and get it over with.


Then…apologies to our allies once again. Lions (who stink) met up with the Chiefs (who only sometimes stink) in England. Boy was this a blowout. Chiefs 45: Lions 10. Perhaps the Lions have become kittens and it’s time to change the logo.


Niners and Kap: That QB is so tall, yet he’s being chased around like he’s the geek on the playground and the tough guys are trying to knock him down for his lunch money. The Rams beat the 49ers into the dust. Until Kap goes to another team, he will not be able to show his skills. Skills that, for some reason, the 49ers don’t want him to show. You figure it out.


Giants versus Saints. This was EPIC! One more game for Manning and he takes the record of most wins by a Giants QB. And he and his boys came out firing. Right away Saints were three and out. Giants marched down the field and got that first TD. They fielded a perfect punt to make sure the Saints started at their own two yard line. All good. What happened? Drew Brees showed up. He proved that he is not a character from “The Walking Dead.” Even with all this Giants good stuff in the very first quarter, the Saints still scored two TD’s. What happens next? Almost immediately in the 2nd quarter, Odell scores again and we are tied 14-14. Only three minutes into 3rd quarter and the score was 35-28 to the Saints. Ill-timed jumps that worked; fourth-down attempts at TD’s that worked; QB’s lofting throws that worked. This thing was amazing; a true QB shootout. End result? Teams tied at 49 with thirty-six seconds left. 14 TD’s between them – no FG’s whatsoever. Headed into overtime… Nope. A punt return; a face mask call against the Giants’ punter and the FG team comes out. Fifty-yard attempt which is the longest this kicker has ever made. And…it was good. End score: 52-49. The best game this year. Manning did not get his own record, but both teams deserve massive praise.


Ah…Cowboys versus Seattle. Right now, when questioning fans, these are the two most hated teams in the NFL. With Romo out, the Cowboys sunk like a stone. So badly, in fact, that when Romo is healthy he may not even want to come back on the field considering he will be in the line of danger for…? What? There’s not a snowball’s chance that the Cowboys are headed to the post-season guys, not matter what a scoreboard might say for this one.


The Bengals still have that stigma of not being able to win a post-season game once they have shone like diamonds during the season. Can that continue? Well…when Big Ben tolled on Sunday, things changed. Steelers QB, Big Ben, was back after injury and played like the champion he is. Unfortunately, good news for their QB being back, bad news for one of the best players in the league. WR Bell was carted off the field (knee injury), and pain now once again dwells in the hearts of Pittsburgh. As far as Andy Dalton (Big Red) and his Bengals…their season is still riding high because they remain undefeated.


And, yes, the Pack heads to Denver. Two undefeated teams. Two beloved QB’s. A great offense versus a great defense. Aaron Rodgers is the man in charge at Lambeau, heading into the Mile High City to meet up with their man in charge. Even though Peyton is not the “key” to this Broncos undefeated season, he is still the god they bow to. Are you really surprised who retained that undefeated status when all was said and done? This fan isn’t. There is a very, very strong chance that this winning QB will end up at the Super Bowl smiling wide. At this point in the season, it seems that there will be only one leap to make when it comes down to holding the Lombardi trophy: a man named Brady who’s on a mission to destroy.


And if you don’t believe that, I have some swampland for sale that we should discuss.


Source:  Baret News