Week Wrap Concentrates on Quarterbacks


Week Wrap Concentrates on Quarterbacks

by Amy Lignor


It’s been a long time since Tampa Bay could claim a better record than anyone. However, they did claim a better record than the Philadelphia Eagles who they met up with on Sunday. With the Eagles, their QB Bradford was out and back-up QB Mark
Sanchez came back to the field. But it was the QB Winston of Tampa Bay who could literally not be stopped. Tampa Bay NFL, football, quarterbacks, Amy's Angle, NFL QB's, spotlightburied the Eagles. What does this mean? Well…the Cowboys have a ray of sun shining still, considering that the rest of their division is failing on a weekly basis. The Giants hold the lead at 5-5…but someone has to step up fast.


QB Peyton Manning may be looking at retiring for good when the season ends; it will depend on what occurs in the next couple of weeks. But it didn’t matter this time out. The Broncos beat the Bears, barely, but they did it and the Manning “issue” will continue to play out.


QB Andrew Luck of the Colts is out. Facing the Atlanta Falcons, it ended up looking like yet another “normal” Colts game. Right to the end; these are the guys who try like heck to pull it out at the last minute. Did they? Yes. Yet again, the Colts are winners by the skin of their teeth. And it looks like Luck may be out for more than just one game.


The 49ers may be the biggest story this week. Because they were playing Seattle? No. No one basically cared about the end of that one. Seattle has already shot themselves in the foot, now looking like a team that they used to look like a few years ago before they won a Super Bowl and shot out money to keep players that seem to be doing nothing this season. The actual news, however, was that QB Colin Kaepernick most likely has played his last game in a 49ers uniform. Kap was placed on a season-ending injured reserve. Upside for Kap and downside for the 49ers? Looks like it. The fact that teams have already jumped on this news and called the 49ers about a possible trade is not surprising. Of course, any team that takes him must be prepared to pay the $12.4 million salary for Kap. Will they? Of course they will. Let’s face it, you are talking pure supply-and-demand in the NFL, and there are teams who are desperate for a good QB. Kap would work miracles in various offenses that would actually let the guy do what he’s best at. Eagles. Jets. There are many more. Not only will he get a team he can take to the Super Bowl, but Kap will also be able to work the magic he knows how to work. The 49ers? Well…they are going to look bad for a while. But that’s nothing new.


Baltimore Ravens came back from a 10-point deficit in the 4th quarter and beat the St. Louis Rams.


Who else is back? QB Tony Romo is back, that’s who! The Miami Dolphins aren’t exactly a whirlwind team, right? Yes, they’ve gotten better for their new, much younger coach, but not awesome. The Dallas Cowboys have lost seven in a row. It has been beyond ugly, making Jerry Jones cry as hard as the rain came down at the beginning of Sunday’s game. Jerry Jones announced yesterday that he was “singing in the shower” in regards to Romo coming back to save them. But, let’s face it, even Joe Montana at his best wouldn’t save these guys. Who are they facing next? The undefeated Panthers…who cannot be beat.

QB Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay has been under the media spotlight, as if he has sunk and is ready to retire, facing division rivals Vikings this Sunday. This was the ‘Game of the Week.’ The Vikings were ahead in the division, but the Pack is never done. This division win will go right down to the wire.


Poor Cam Newton of the Panthers was only able to throw four TD’s…in the first half. What a gosh darn shame. Must have had a bad day, huh? They literally pummeled the Redskins into the ground (yet another happy moment for the Cowboys). Look, the guy knows what he’s doing and if it keeps going this way…it will be an undefeated Panthers against an undefeated Patriots.


Speaking of… QB Brady. Monday night is coming. Need a little psychic peek? Easy. Rex Ryan’s big mouth meets the undefeated Patriots in New England. Coach Belichick will smirk. Brady will play well. Gronk will get at least one TD. And the Patriots will become 10-0.


Source:  Baret News