West Coast Swing with Jake Haning at Madison Ballroom Dance Studio, December 3

Date: December 03, 2016west-coast-swing-with-jake-haning

Time: 3:00 pm

Huntsville West Coast Swing is bringing even more talent to the valley! Come join us to learn from Jake Haning from Texas. We all know those Texas dancers know their stuff! Jake has great footwork and many other talents he’s ready to share with you!

About Jake:

Jake Haning is an enthusiastic, and creative dance professional specializing in West Coast Swing. He started his dance journey twenty years ago, learning many dances, including Lindy Hop and Ballroom styles. He has since found his passion in competing and teaching others.

By implementing the principles of musicality, he facilitates students’ natural desire for movement and expression through dance, which he believes can fulfill their desire for challenge, growth, and freedom.

His proudest accomplishments include placing 5th in Classic at the 2009 US Open, winning the NASDE tour in 2010, and being given the opportunity to teach throughout the US, Europe, and Australia.

Check out a video of him here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRt9e2pNujQ

Workshops and dance will be held at Madison Ballroom, next to Old Time Pottery in Madison AL. Jake will be available for private lessons on Saturday and Sunday. Please get your spot sooner rather than later! Jessica Wrape will be your contact to book your private lessons. After Jake is booked, Stephane/Abi/Jessica will take bookings for private lessons as well.

Madison Ballroom Dance Studio
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