What Goes Around Comes Around


What Goes Around Comes Around

By Amy Lignor


Once there was a coach that we all know (or should know, if we’re real NFL fans) named Madden. He coached those black and silver Raiders; a team my father used to call mean because “they loved throwing punches like children instead of playing the game they got paid to play.” Was Dad ornery? No. He loved football. He had every stat memorized. He had every player – Macaca_nigra_self-portraitfrom his background to his college days – to most likely what their favorite Sunday evening meal was, on file in the cabinet he kept inside his brain. Ask any question, even about the most remote being, and he had the answer. Nowadays…the old Raiders would look like kittens to dear, old Dad.


Why? Well, there is more anger in NFL football than there is money in 2015. Or, perhaps, if someone really studied it, they are at the exact same level. Because the more that’s paid out the more greedy and angry players seem to become.


Take a couple of recent events: One day after Jeremiah Ratliff argued with the Bears’ GM Ryan Pace, the defensive lineman was released. The rumor mill reported that the team actually called in the police the day before they were going to fire him from the team and asked them to come to the facility as a precautionary measure when the expulsion went down.


The Bears didn’t say much about Ratliff’s release, but the police report (TMZ Sports) had an excerpt that stated Ratliff said he: “felt like killing everybody in the building.” He then returned later in the day and told someone at the facility that: “he wished the staff member’s children would die.” He also announced: “I am the devil.” Now, since that day there has been no new news regarding this man, yet it is unbelievable that a veteran of the sport would go out like that. Word to the wise? What goes around comes around. Yelling at the General Manager of the team that pays you will never be the smart thing to do.


What’s worse? Take Greg Hardy (please). First he’s in the fire for a very real crime that then…diminished, just to find himself bought by Jerry Jones and part of the Dallas Cowboys. He does his job. He even knocked down the ultimate Tom Brady during their game. Trouble was, Hardy made sure to make comments about people Brady loved before the game. End result: What goes around comes around. The Cowboys lost.


But that was not all that happened: Hardy, on screen, flipped out on the sidelines. He yelled at players and shoved special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia’s clipboard into the coach’s face. A little juvenile to say the least.


Do sideline arguments happen? Sure, we see them all the time. But shoving a coach crosses the line. Hardy already has a history of violence and seemingly no guilt whatsoever over anything, from his guns and stripper video, to his remarks, to his ridiculous childish actions of spewing a constant stream of “no comment” in the Cowboys locker room after that game. What’s worse is that Jerry Jones (who looks remarkably pale nowadays in his box up in the sky as he watches his team lose over and over again), complimented Hardy and basically said he would renew the guy’s contract because he was a “leader.” Of what? What goes around comes around, Jerry. End result is that the Cowboys are now stuck in the mire of an idiot’s actions.


Yes, the name Ray Rice in the NFL world is also in the “bad” column for having a video of a criminal act. Hardy was arrested for assaulting his ex-girlfriend with no video available, but now there is a story regarding the fierceness of Hardy that may just bury the Dallas Cowboys if he remains in their uniform. Why? Because what happened that night was known long before Jones gave Hardy a contract worth $11.3 million.


Brady punches the ground when he makes a mistake and is mad at himself for doing so. See the difference here?


And not only that, but stories such as the Jets literally asking the NFL to sweep the locker room for bugs that may have been planted by New England? Come on, man. Is there anything to say to the Jets other than the fact that if they practiced more and had better players perhaps they could have won?


Stories like these are not cropping up every month…they are cropping up every week. Avid fans, true lovers and believers in the game of football, should be sickened by how angry this game is becoming.


It is important for all the rest of the players out there to learn: What goes around most definitely comes around.


Source:  Baret News